May-day, 6th of May, at NSU

De-Light confirms participating in the gala concert of May-day, the day which concludes Interweek. The event will take place on May, 6 at the main building of the Novosibirsk State University. The concert starts at 6 pm with De-Light expected to play at 9 pm.

Final of "Rock On!" contest

De-Light passed to the final of "Rock On!" contest. The final concert is coming about on February, 27 in the very same place, namely, "Brodyachaya Sobaka" club (Kamenskaya str, 32). Come to support us, the begining is at 20:00! Four bands will play for you:
1. De-Light
2. MeRRy GrAvE
4. Клуб Самоубиц ("Self-Killers Club")
The order of performances will be figured out in tossing and after that it will be posted here. Keep an eye on news!

De-Light takes part in "New Names" fest

"New Names" fest is going to be on February, 26 in "Rock City" club. Bands to peform:

Лайм ("Lime")
Китаянка ("Chinese woman")
ГорСвет ("GorSvet")
История Болезни ("Medical History")
Fight Back
El CoYOtesss
KeeP OuT
Dazzle Gray

Time is to be announced, keep visiting our web-page.

We Got in the Semi-final of "Rock on!" Contest

Today the quarter-final of "Rock on!" contest took place where De-Light had shown enough to get to the semi-final.

We are grateful to everybody who came to support us. We were terribly pleased to perform in such a warm and nice environment (even despite it was heavily smoked there).

The semi-final will take place on February 20 at the same place ("Brodyachaya sobaka" club, Kamenskaya, 32).

Please be informed that late coming to the concert might lead to refusal of the security service to let you in.

We are 2 today!

De-light celebrates its second Birthday!

We wish new superhits and fans to ourselves!

Great thanks to all our hottest fans, as well as to any other admirers!

Two years constitute long time and without your support we would have much more difficulties on our way.

Thanks to our critics. If not you, we wouldn't be those who we are.

Happy Birthday, De-light!