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02 June 2007 @ 12:04 pm
Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne  
On June, 18, in fan-club "Gorizont" (Eng. "Horizon", Borisa Bogatokova str., 266), there will take place a concert "Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne".

De-Light, Merry Grave, Slumber, Collapse.

Tickets are 150, with fliers 100. Show starts at 20:00.
(Anonymous) on October 7th, 2008 06:32 am (UTC)
Anne Hathaway finally got smart
Anne Hathaway finally got smart.
The "Devil Wears Prada" star has ditched her Italian rapscallion boyfriend after four years of suffering through his innumerable brushes with scandal and bad publicity, it was reported yesterday.
Hathaway finally decided to part ways with shady real-estate peddler Raffaello Follieri because of the effect his business dealings could have on her blooming career, the Daily Mail of London reported.
"It's heartbreaking for her to dump him, and she's devastated that it's come to this, but she really didn't have a choice. His scandals were hurting her reputation," the paper quoted an unnamed source close to Hathaway, who stars in "Get Smart," which opens Friday.
A source familiar with the situation told The Post, "Her dad has hired PIs and has been after her for a while to do it."
Hathaway's spokesman declined to comment on the report. Follieri was in Italy yesterday and could not be reached for comment. His spokeswoman did not return calls.
The split comes a little more than a week after The Post revealed that state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo was investigating Follieri's charitable foundation.
Hathaway had, until recently, sat on its board of directors.
The 29-year-old shyster was also arrested in April for allegedly kiting a $215,000 check to a New Jersey real-estate magnate. The charges were later dropped after Follieri made good on the rubber check.
He has also been sued by California supermarket mogul Ron Burkle in Delaware courts over a multimillion-dollar joint real-estate venture that went sour.
Burkle accused Follieri in a civil suit of misusing some $55 million from the venture, in which they planned to make money buying and reselling properties owned by the Catholic Church.
The money allegedly funded a lavish jet-set lifestyle that helped catch the eye of Hathaway. They started dating in 2005.
Follieri also recently battled in a Washington, DC, court with a PR firm that represented him during the Burkle entanglement.
He was ordered to pay nearly $240,000 to the Carmen Group after he was found in default last December.
He was also sued by a New Jersey private-jet service that claims Follieri's joint venture with Burkle - Follieri Yucaipa Investments LLC - failed to pay $458,852 in chartering costs for nine flights between September 2007 and January 2008.
(Anonymous) on October 8th, 2008 08:01 pm (UTC)
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